Our Service Philosophy

As a consumer and vehicle owner, you have the right and freedom to select the tradesperson and the workshop of your choice to service your vehicle.

We, as your local trusted mechanics, can provide NEW CAR WARRANTY SERVICING with the service carried out according to manufactureres specifications and genuine or appropriate quality parts used.  This maintains the new vehicle warranty as guaranteed by the Motor Traders Association of NSW.

Remember – Most new vehicle manufacturer’s warranties will be voided unless your vehicle is serviced every 6 months or 10000 km.

Maintaining your warranty’s coverage is getting your servicing done to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Important things to remember…

If, for example, there is a 15,000km service interval and you’ve driven 25,000km without getting a service, you could be up for a new engine if you’ve run too low on oil.
You have to conform to the service interval specified in the manual. If it says six months or 15,000km you have to service the car when the time gets to six months or the odometer gets to 15,000km — whichever occurs first.

Whoever performs the service needs to meet the manufacturer’s specifications (for example they must change the oil and replace it with oil of appropriate specification, and do everything else in the schedule by the book).
The industry ‘default’ warranty is three years or 100,000km – whichever comes first.

Sutherland Shire Auto Centre can carry out the manufacturers logbook services as required, either at our workshop in Kirrawee or at your home or work in the Sutherland/St George area.
We stamp the logbook and the factory warranty remains valid. We pride ourselves on the use of quality ‘name brand’ parts fitted by fully qualified technicians.
Due to these stringent standards new car statutory warranties remain unaffected by an Shire Auto Centre log book service. Some retailers encourage consumers to buy an extended warranty offering additional benefits for extra cost. Consumers should check that the protection offered is more than that available under the statutory warranty.

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