Safety Restraint Fitting – for child seats and seat belts

  • Not sure how to mount a capsule, restraint of booster seat safely?

  • Do you require extra seat belts fitted?

  • Are there no obvious fixing points for a restraint?

  • Have you an older model car?

  • Do you have an imported vehicle that requires seat belt fitted?

Sutherland Shire Auto Centre has three fully trained and RMS accredited fitters who can help parents, grandparents and carers to ensure that the seating not only carries the occupants safely but complies with the Safety regulations.

We can fit restraints and install anchor points if required. New seatbelts as they are worn or twisted, or it is an imported vehicle can be fitted, as can additional belts if required.

Please call 9542 2260 to make a booking or for further information.

Airbags and child restraints

Airbags have a well proven record of saving lives. In the US, where they are much more common, they are estimated to have saved over 30000 lives since 1998. However, more recently there has been some media attention to children reportedly killed by airbags.

In most cases a rearward-facing infant restraint was being used, the child seat wasn’t attached properly to the car, or the child wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

So, if your car has an airbag on the passenger side, how do you safely restrain a child? Here are some recommendations:

1.     Never use a rearward-facing infant restraint in the front passenger seat.

2.     Preferably fit all child restraints in the rear seat.

3     If you do not have a rear seat and have to use a forward-facing child seat or booster in the front passenger seat:

• position the adult seat at its rear most setting on the seat slide.

• make sure the top tether is attached firmly if provided.

• discourage the child from leaning forward.

Currently in NSW, it is illegal to use a child restraint in a front passenger seat if there is an airbag for the passenger.

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