Diesel Vehicles

At Sutherland Shire Auto Centre we cater to all servicing and repair needs for passenger and light commercial Diesel vehicles upto 4.5 tonnes.

Is your diesel vehicle experiencing lack of power and blowing smoke everywhere?

The exhaust system diesel particulate filter is becoming blocked and the vehicle’s computer is not be able to clean the filter in the exhaust system! If this is a problem for your vehicle then during the service a bottle of DPF cleaner will be added to the fuel to help the burning off of soot as the vehicle is being driven.

Only premium Valvoline Motor Oils and genuine or appropriate quality parts are used. We follow logbook service requirements, if available, changing engine oil and oil filter. We scan & test the vehicle according to manufacturers specifications and Log Book requirements, downloading and recording fault codes, which we clear and reset the ECU. Repair system faults as found, carry out actuator tests as required. We clean the throttle and check the fluid levels for brakes, power steering, automatic transmission, radiator and washers. Radiator protectant is added to the system to improve boiling and freezing point if required. The battery & engine drive belts are check over. We check, clean or replace the air filter and air ducts as well as the cabin air filter if applicable. Cooling system & cap are pressure tested as required. The transmission & axle(s) are checked for oil levels & leaks.

The manufacturer recommended fuel injection cleaning solution is added to the fuel tank to restore fuel efficiency if applicable. In order for a vehicle to perform as it was intended, it is essential that the injectors remain clean and free of build-up. Deposits on the fuel injectors can accumulate rapidly due to poor diesel fuel quality. These deposits can adversely affect the ideal spray pattern from the injector nozzle, which is essential for optimum vehicle performance. These build-ups directly affect the engine power, fuel consumption, emissions (black smoke) and the general performance of the vehicle.Diesel fuel injector cleaner has been formulated to clean dirty injectors and provide better fuel economy, increased power and performance and aids in minimising emissions.

Friction Proofing is added to reduce friction and wear, improving corrosion protection in the engine as needed. Check condition of all brake hoses & lines. Check front & rear brake pads/linings for wear. Check adjustment of hand brake. Inspect exhaust system for leaks & loose connections. Inspection tyres for irregular wear & pressure and replace safety items; globes/wiper blades as required.

Any item found to require attention will be reported either immediately if it affects your vehicles safety, or on your invoice stating the work that needs doing. The technician will provide a quote to do any additional work and will complete this at your request.

We have the latest diagnostic scan tools covering the majority of vehicles currently in Australia, including many European and luxury vehicle.  Using only the best of local suppliers, Sutherland Shire Auto Centre can source tyres, transmission repairs, automotive electrical repairs, accident and dent repairs, making us your one stop automotive centre!

Visit us at our fully equipped, purpose built workshop on the highway at Kirrawee, with easy vehicle access from 7/18 Monro Ave and located just 600m from Kirrawee Train Station. Our friendly and professional staff are waiting for you there!  Call us on 9542 2260.

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As a consumer and vehicle owner, you have the right and freedom to select the tradesperson and the workshop of your choice to service your vehicle. We are simply the best motor mechanical service team in the Sutherland Shire Area.

We, as your local trusted mechanics, can provide NEW CAR WARRANTY SERVICING with the service carried out according to
manufacturer’s specifications and genuine or appropriate quality parts used.


Remember – Most new vehicle manufacturer’s warranties will be voided unless your vehicle is serviced every 6 months or 10000 km. Maintaining your warranty’s coverage is getting your servicing done to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We take the stress out of servicing your vehicle!