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Sutherland Shire Auto Centre is committed to providing you with high quality hybrid auto services.

Some of our common hybrid maintenance services include:

• High voltage battery checking

• High voltage cable inspection and repair

• Comprehensive State of Health High Voltage Diagnostics

• Hybrid liquid cooling system flush

• Transmission fluid flush

• Inspection of seals, cooling system components, suspension, powertrain, wiring, and exhaust

• Inspection of belts, hoses, wiring, throttle body, and fluid levels

• Brake inspections and parking brake adjustments

• Hybrid oil changes

Sutherland Shire Auto Centre certified technicians will ensure your specific vehicle receives the best maintenance. They have the most current training and are also specialised in hybrid diagnostic and service tools.

<h3 class=”style32 style22″>Some of the more common hybrid car repairs include:</h3>

• Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair

• Hybrid Battery Filter Element Replacement

• Hybrid Air Conditioning System Repair

• High Voltage Battery checking and Conditioning

• High Voltage Battery Cable Repair / Replacement

• Hybrid Battery Testing

<h3 class=”style32 style22″>Hybrid batteries that we can condition:</h3>

• Chevrolet Tahoe/Yukon 2008-2010

• Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra 2008-2010

• Chevrolet Malibu 2008-2010

• Ford Escape (Mariner) 2005-2009

• Ford Fusion Hybrid 2008-2010

• Honda Accord Hybrid 2005-2007

• Honda Civic Hybrid 2003-2010

• Honda Insight 2000-2006

• Lexus RX400h 2006-2009

• Nissan Altima 2007-2010

• Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-2010

• Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2007-2009

• Toyota Prius 2001-2010

If operated as designed, full hybrid vehicles have the ability to shut off their internal combustion engines and operate on the electric motor only under certain conditions. (e.g. low speed manoeuvring and light cruising). Needless to say, the engine doesn’t work as hard resulting in reduced wear and tear. Hybrids also often employ regenerative braking systems that both charge the batteries and reduce wear on brake components.

So what’s the difference?

Well, much of the drive train is different. Because of the way that the internal combustion engine, the electric drive motor and the transmission are mated together to work more or less as an entity, a malfunction in one component can affect the way the others function. Serious troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of the driveline system is best left to us.

Sophisticated Electronics

The complex electronic modules that control the electric drive motor for both propulsion and regenerative braking can generate enormous amounts of heat, so those often have their own dedicated cooling systems. The battery control modules regulate both charge and discharge rates as well as the state of charge of the entire bank. To operate consistently under all conditions, these systems will often employ both heating and cooling systems.

As part of the regular servicing on the engine cooling system we check the individual hoses, pipes and clamps as well as any additional filters that may be used on the motor and battery cooling/heating system.

Be Safe – Beware the Orange

Hybrids generally are equipped with dual voltage systems. Though most of the electrical system is safe standard 12-volt, the drive motor and related components operate well in excess of 100 volts. The safety threshold is low and narrow, an electrical shock with as little as 50 volts can prove fatal. To warn technicians and operators of these high voltage circuits, the cables are wrapped in a bright orange casing.

To safely maintain and repair these components, the system must be de-powered, a task that is absolutely best left to the trained technician at Sutherland Shire Auto Centre. Call us on 9542 2260 for more information and expert advice.

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We, as your local trusted mechanics, can provide NEW CAR WARRANTY SERVICING with the service carried out according to
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Remember – Most new vehicle manufacturer’s warranties will be voided unless your vehicle is serviced every 6 months or 10000 km. Maintaining your warranty’s coverage is getting your servicing done to the manufacturer’s specifications.