LPG Servicing, LPG Conversions, LPG Tank Testing

Whether you drive a petrol/LPG, diesel/LPG or straight LPG we can service and repair your LPG system.


During an LPG service we check the LPG system of tank, lines and fittings for security, operation and leaks. We adjust the LPG mixtures, fuel pressures, settings and program by computer, gas analyser or scan tool as required and check, change or clean LPG Vapour and Line filters as required.

Any item found to require attention will be reported either immediately if it affects your vehicles safety, or on your invoice stating the work that needs doing. The technician will provide a quote to do any additional work and will complete this at your request.

Tank Testing

Every 10 years, that is 10 years from the date the tank was last certified, the LPG tank must be recertified.  This involves removing the tank from the vehicle, having it tested and the pressure relief valve replaced. The tank is then refitted to the vehicle, LPG added and the lines tested for leaks.

Please note that it is a legal requirement that the tank be removed from the vehicle and the pressure relief valve replaced.

LPG Conversions

We are qualified, licensed and most importantly experienced to convert your petrol or diesel vehicle to dual fuel LPG.You will be amazed at the money you can save. An LPG powered vehicle will pay for the conversion and continue saving you money.

We use only the latest hi-tech computer controlled and guaranteed equipment, with our work meeting AIS1945 standard and is guaranteed. Please feel free to ask any more questions if we can be of any assistance on 9542 2260.

We have the latest diagnostic scan tools covering the majority of vehicles currently in Australia, including many European and luxury vehicles.  Using only the best of local suppliers, Sutherland Shire Auto Centre can source tyres, transmission repairs, automotive electrical repairs, accident and dent repairs, making us your one stop automotive centre!

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As a consumer and vehicle owner, you have the right and freedom to select the tradesperson and the workshop of your choice to service your vehicle. We are simply the best motor mechanical service team in the Sutherland Shire Area.

We, as your local trusted mechanics, can provide NEW CAR WARRANTY SERVICING with the service carried out according to
manufacturer’s specifications and genuine or appropriate quality parts used.

Remember – Most new vehicle manufacturer’s warranties will be voided unless your vehicle is serviced every 6 months or 10000 km. Maintaining your warranty’s coverage is getting your servicing done to the manufacturer’s specifications.