Our Motoring Tips

  • Holiday Tips

At Sutherland Shire Auto Centre we pride ourselves in ensuring that your transportation needs are well and truly catered for. Whether it’s as simple as a regular service and safety inspection or to prepare for that holiday of a lifetime. On or off road, we have the skills, with our specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that you have the maximum amount of trouble free motoring humanly possible, paying special attention to boats and caravans.

Sutherland Shire Auto Centre have participated in ‘Charity Bash’ style rallies the length and bred of this wonderful country, and as a result have a very real hands on knowledge in most possible pitfalls awaiting the unwary motorist.

  • Towing tip for holidays

Safety checks and routine maintenance are a necessity to prevent any problems, however, most of these safety checks and maintenance routines are normally performed on the towing vehicle and the trailer being towed is often neglected. This raises some very important safety concerns about the vehicle being towed. Sutherland Shire Auto Centre recommend a thorough safety check on the vehicle being towed – the caravan, boat trailer, jet ski trailer, camper trailer, horse float and box trailer.

When people purchase their new boat, caravan, or camper trailer, they are often shown through all the features and benefits during the hand over of their new toy. Maintenance and safety checks of the trailer and running gear itself is often neglected. These safety checks can be incorporated in a package designed specifically for the holiday season including but not limited to:

• Wheel bearings
• Wheel nuts
• Tyre pressures
• Brakes
• Suspension .
• Lights and brake lights
• Safety chain length
• Correct tow ball and coupler
• Trailer tongue weight
• Trailer load capacity

Informing our customers of the importance of these checks is an absolute must and will make our roads a place safer.

Contact Sutherland Shire Auto Centre with regard to your trailer wheel bearings, ask us about the Durahub Bearing Protector. It is an Australian invention, which uses oil as a lubricant instead of grease and enables you to see inside the hub at all times. It has a flexible diaphragm which expands and contracts to counteract any difference in internal hub pressure with atmospheric pressure. This diaphragm takes all of the load away from the rear seal.

  • Proper Maintenance equals no fuel problems

The astute motorist knows that routinely changing a car’s motor oil and filter is the best way to protect and prolong the life of its engine.The second most important thing motorists can do for their cars is to property maintain the fuel system. With a little attention to maintenance and occasional use of automotive chemicals, customers can avoid problems that rob their car of fuel efficiency and horsepower and increase pollution.

The first rule for fuel system maintenance is one that everyone can handle – keep the fuel tank from running low. Unfortunately, too many car owners consider it a personal triumph to pull in beside the fuel pump on fumes. What most of these daredevils don’t know is that they may be headed for fuel system problems and potentially high repair bills.

A good rule of thumb is to start thinking about a fill-up when the fuel gauge drops to one-quarter of a tank.

The reasoning behind frequent fills is two-fold: condensation and contamination.

Just as dew forms on grass in the morning, water droplets condense on the inside of the fuel tank when its cools. The less fuel in your tank, the more space is available for condensation. This water can then cause fuel line freeze up and poor performance.

The contaminant side of the equation is present in all fuel tanks to some degree. As long as the tank has plenty of fuel, those contaminants will stay put and cause no problems.

When the tank gets low and the contaminants are sucked into the fuel line, watch out for clogged fuel filters.

Clogged carburettors and fuel injectors might not be far behind. Carburettors and their more sophisticated counterparts, fuel injectors, are responsible for distributing the proper mixture of fuel and air to the engine’s combustion chamber. Injectors, which are fitted to the majority of cars, burn less fuel and generate less pollution than carburettors.

But fuel injectors are easily clogged. The opening through which the injector mists fuel into the combustion chamber is about the same width as a human hair. These tiny openings can become blocked if the fuel injector is not maintained properly.

Injectors, which are fitted to the majority of cars, burn less fuel and generate less pollution than carburettors.

When fuel injectors are clogged and deposits begin to form on intake valves, engine performance  and fuel economy suffers adding considerably to your weekly fuel costs.   Sutherland Shire Auto Centre strongly recommends that Wynns Carbon Clean Injector cleaning system is carried out on your vehicle every 40,0000 km.

The Wynns Carbon Flush & Emission Service is a two part system and is performed in approximately 1 hour. The fuel filter is always changed at this time. Sutherland Shire Auto CentreService use and recommends filter from the extended range of High Performance Ryco fuel, air and oil filters.

The benefits are realised immediately, customers will notice a performance difference in as soon as they drive away.